Lapaire Glasses is revolutionizing access to eyewear in Africa by giving everyone the chance to see well without breaking the bank.


We are committed to improving everyone’s life by providing quality eyewear at an affordable price. We work with international suppliers and professionals recognized for their expertise in optics to ensure the best for our customers. In addition to our attractive prices, we offer free vision tests and flexible payment solutions. 


Our teams work daily with all those who need to accompany them in their lives and their success because we are convinced that seeing well changes a life.


Many private companies and public organizations already trust Lapaire Glasses to improve their employees well-being at work.




Observing in his daily life in Africa that many people have poor eyesight and that eyeglasses remain a luxury product, Jérôme Lapaire developed a concept of an affordable eyewear optician to democratize access to eyeglasses.


The Lapaire Glasses adventure therefore began in Nairobi (Kenya) in February 2018 with the first sight test campaigns in private companies and publics organisations, and the opening of a first shop in Nairobi to welcome customers.


Convinced that everyone should have the opportunity to see well, Lapaire Glasses quickly opened its doors in Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Burkina Faso and Uganda. The pan-African eyewear company will soon be welcoming its customers in Benin and other African countries.